Quality Assurance Inspector (1st Shift) / (3rd Shift)

Savannah, GA

The position of Quality Assurance Technician reports to the Quality Assurance Manager. The QA Technician determines the chemical and physical characteristics of raw materials, intermediate bulk products, finished products and experimental products using SOPs and following GMP principles.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Obtains test samples of incoming lots of chemical raw materials, in-process intermediates and production batches.

2.   Maintain clean, efficient and properly operating laboratory equipment. Ensure all instruments used in product quality testing meet calibration requirements followed by written SOPs.

  1. Maintains QA’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Certificates of Analysis

(COAs) on all chemical raw materials.


  1. Perform inspections on incoming materials and review final products to ensure quality specifications are met. Will use test equipment to evaluate the materials or products and records data from test procedures and inspections.


  1. Collect and label microbiological samples.


  1. Collect product samples from production filling lines and maintain storage of retained samples.


  1. Maintain a close working relationship with production personnel to provide a smooth, efficient production flow of quality products.


  1. Ensures the cleanliness of production filling lines following GMP procedures.


  1. Auditing production-filling lines for accuracy of fill weighs, lot number and proper paper work.
  1. Communicate to QA Supervisor or QA Manager persistent or difficult quality


Technical Qualifications:

  1. Good mathematical skills, including knowledge of basic algebra, required.
  2. Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  3. Good oral and written communicator.


     B.S/B.A in Chemistry or other scientific field