Experienced Machine Operator

Savannah, GA


Apply knowledge and skills to lead production lines and operate machines. Conducts machine setup, troubleshooting, repairs and preventive maintenance service.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Prepares and sets up machinery for scheduled production runs.
  • Oversee operations of assigned line including usage of correct materials, correct fill levels, marking and packaging.
  • Monitor line performance including speed, fill volume, proper sealing, cap torques or other standards.
  • Make adjustments that are needed to keep the machines operating properly and efficiently.
  • Document production data including items produced, line speeds scrap and other required data.
  • Track materials used, produced and returned to stock.
  • Perform cleaning and sanitation on equipment.
  • Insure bulk holding tanks are emptied to maximize yield.
  • Provides repairs of production equipment during production and performs scheduled maintenance repairs of production equipment during machine service.
  • Performs mechanic skills including, but not limited to, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic troubleshooting and repair of packaging and production machines.
  • Reads and interprets equipment manuals and work orders to perform required service.
  • Ensures the safety, cleanliness and organization of work area.
  • Other duties assigned by your supervisor.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Technical training; exposure to high-speed equipment
  • 5+ years of related experience in packaging machines/production machines
  • Prior experience on operating equipment preferred.