Electronic Technician

Savannah, GA


To modify, rebuild, repair, or overhaul electronic and electrical equipment and controls.  Applies knowledge of electronics principles in determining equipment malfunctions, and applies skills in restoring equipment to operation.


1.     Receives wiring diagrams, drawings, specifications, and instructions, either verbally or in writing, concerning emergency and scheduled repair, installation, and inspection work to be performed.

2.     Plans and performs work requiring a thorough knowledge of electrical and electronic theory and principles, wiring specifications, local and national electrical codes, properties of various materials, and principles of operation and application of electronic equipment.

3.     Plans details of working procedure to determine material or replacement needs and determines a logical approach to repair problems.

4.     Services electronic equipment by checking, testing, and replacing faulty components, circuit modules, printed circuit boards, vacuum tubes, and similar electronic devices.

5.     Performs plant-wide electronic and electrical maintenance, making operating adjustments as required.

6.     Makes sketches of parts and layout. Designs and constructs adaptations of component parts or standard parts as required.

7.     Maintains and installs communication cables, power distribution cables and wiring, and performs splicing as required.

8.     Fabricates parts as required using machine and hand tools common to the trade.

9.     Informs group leader or supervisor and line mechanics of potentially dangerous electrical equipment and corrective actions taken.

10.  Advises operators and line mechanics of standard operating procedures and requirements for working safely with electronic equipment and components.

11.  Maintains company-required performance and maintenance records for electronic and electrical equipment.


1.     May sub for shift electricians as directed.

2.     May provide technical direction to electricians and helpers as required.


1.     Experience as a journeyman plant electrician.

2.     Extensive technical knowledge of electronics as determined through the job selection interview.

3.     State license for electronic technician (Level C - Industrial Electronics and Service).